You never know what happens on a sunny day

When the first warm beams of sunlight are falling on your face, while you are sipping your warm coffee and enjoying the view over the snow covered mountains it’s the perfect start for a bicycle day.

sunny day 1
A few days ago we started our day like that. After breakfast we biked to a town called Dulan and bought some food for the next days. While searching for rice we met a fruit shop owner who gave us apples for free. Really nice! When we were done shopping we decided to change into our short biking outfit because the temperature was rising quickly. As we stood in front of a new building, trying to cover every bit of naked skin with sun lotion, a car arrived and a man with a huge camera jumped out. He greeted us and asked if he could take some photos. We smiled for the picture and turned our attention to the bikes again. Meanwhile two old and traditionally clothed man joined the photographer. He told them to stand next to us and more photos were taken. Now we noticed that this was something more than just a photo of crazy Europeans on bicycles. This was our second job as photo models. The new building was not any building, it was a new museum shortly before opening. We were guided into the Museum and had to act as visitors together with the two old man. A second photographer showed up and in the next 15 minutes every move of us in the museum was documented. We were wondering if we should quit our bike tour and start earning our money as models.  But as our payment was just a warm handshake,  we decided to carry on. Motivated we jumped on our bikes and reached the 3000 km point of our journey on the same day.

sunny day 2


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