Kazakh Hospitality!

While we had originally not planned to go through Kazakhstan, needing to apply for our Turkmen visa in Almaty led us to visit the largest of the Central Asian countries.


After having finished our applications in Almaty and Bishkek, as well as having spend some wonderful days hiking the mountains of Kyrgyzstan we finally continued our journey westwards again!


Cycling along the southern border we got to enjoy views of stunning mountains to the south and rolling grasslands to the north!


During the few days in Kazakhstan we were blown away by the incredible hospitality of the Kazakh people. We were invited and fed in an Islam school, by a family filling their tables with national specialties, and by a medical rescue crew who fed us with shashlik until we couldn’t eat no more!


We also got some first impressions of the heat that we would get to experience in the next countries, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and Iran. We used every possibility to cool of, jumping into lakes, rivers, and even irrigation channels!


The next stops are Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, and Turkey. After spending so much time waiting for our visa, which sometimes felt like a little vacation from our trip, we are really excited to be moving westwards again and to be seeing so many different and fascinating places!


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