Here comes a little update on the recent events. The good news are, we both are finally done with our exams for this semester. Now Florian only has one term paper left and Johannes is in the process of finishing up his Bachelor thesis.

In the meantime we have applied for our Chinese visa. We should hear from the consulate in the next couple days. We are really looking forward to that.

IMG_7011smallFurthermore we are both in the process of getting the needed vaccinations. Shots against rabies, Japanese encephalitis, Typhus… to name only a few.

Slowly but steadily our To-Do lists are getting shorter and we are starting to get more excited from day to day!


Flights booked!

On Christmas Eve we finally set the date of our departure! On March 12th 2015 we will board a plane and fly to Beijing to start our tour westwards across Asia and Europe!

IMG_4467In contrast to our initial considerations we have come to the conclusion that starting our tour in China rather than in Germany has several tremendous advantages. While it certainly would have been nice to start this adventure from our doorsteps and to “acclimatize” to the different cultures along the way, starting in Beijing brings benefits concerning visa and financial issues, as well as reducing general time pressure.

We will fly from Frankfurt to Changsha and after a five hour stay depart to Beijing. We were surprised to find oneway flights to China to be very cheap, coming at prices below 300 Euros. Certainly there will be some additional cost for transporting bicycles but nevertheless we were very happy about this discovery!

Our next steps in the preparation involve many organizational matters. Acquiring an appropriate insurance, getting all required vaccinations, and applying for visas – We’ll keep you updated!